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December - February
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Shrivardhan Beach

Sijo Johnson
Shrivardhan is a city in the Raigad district of Maharashtra around 180Kms from Mumbai. It is a calm and peaceful place with beautiful beaches and a breathtakingly scenic coastline.
Satwik Khanna
The ride from Diveagar to Shrivardhan was spectacular. This is the Maharashtra tourism ads kinda picturesque location. The distance between these 2 places is a about 20kms but you can't help but stop at every 3kms to just admire the kickass view of the coast line from small cliffs and the coastal roads. We took about an hour to reach shrivardhan. There's also Aravi beach just before shrivardhan which is almost like a virgin beach. White sand beach, untouched by civilization. You could spend half a day just lazing on the beach.Shrivardhan has a lot of good options to eat and stay. There is a small home kitchen called Atharva in the main market which serves nice home cooked food. You must try the sea food here. Inexpensive and really delicious fish thali, surmai fry and other local stuff.There's a place right on the beach at one end where there are cottages and tree houses to stay. About 1500 bucks per night for a room which is negotiable. Checkout the other places as well. Tents and all can be arranged. We chose to stay with one of the locals. These guys have small rooms adjoining their houses which they give on rent and also arrange for food. Good, basic place to stay would be around Rs. 500-700 and a filling fish/chicken thali would just be about Rs. 120-130.So we spent the night with some barbeque and all with a late night visit to the beach. I must say, Shrivardhan surprised us. The beach is absolutely clean and beautiful with raised promenades with antique street lamps and ample dustbins to keep the place clean. I wish we could achieve 1/3rd of this for the beaches in Mumbai.
Joanna Lobo
Our original plan was to explore Srivardhan, a little town located between Harihareshwar and Diveagar, all along the same stretch of the Konkan coast.You step off the ST bus and look around and realise, the beauty of this place is that it is empty. Our tam tam (a bigger autorickshaw) trundled along the surprisingly smooth road cut through the mountains toward Diveagar. It was a good 16kms away, a journey though trees and thick forested areas coated with a layer of reddish-brown mud. Our driver and two companions overheard us talking and butted in with free advice.Diveagar begins from the gram panchayat junction, with roads snaking off to the left and the right.
Raunaq Deo
 We decided to spend more time here on our way back and drove further to srivardhan beach. Personally, I din't like this beach much, as it was over crowded.Clicking some pics, we decided to drive back to the beach that left us awestruck, aaravi beach.We decided to stay there for sunset and just get lost in the serenity of the surroundings. We strolled along the beach-line barefooted watching the kids play cricket.Places like these makes you realize how small things in life gives us immense pleasure than money could ever give. We want that big TV and then the biggest TV but then the smile on our face,feeling the real thing,makes everything small in front of it. Lost in the thought,we sat on the rocks clicking pics,eating corn and watching the sunset,with the sound of water hitting the rocks in the background, it was one of the most beautiful background scores for that setup.Water level started rising after the sunset and we decided to make our way back to pune and patted our backs thanking ourselves to come here and see the beauty that the western ghats has to offer.To top it all we stopped our car in the ghat section at a safe section, to watch night sky in all it glory. There was the sky visible between the mountains and below the ghat at a distance was the city,glowing in all its glory.NOTE:Do not enter the water at aaravi beach,it just too deep and the waves are not predicable Be a responsible traveller, DO NOT litterHave coconut water, its amazing:-)
Manish Deo
The beach is as serene as it can be and you can rarely spot few people around. However, there are very few eating options at the beach which is a good bet to keep the beach super clean. As it got dark, we headed back to our hotel for a much needed shower. One downside of visiting a beach would always be coming back sticky and sultry due to humid salty air around. But I guess every good thing has a dark side. We ended the day after gulping authentic konkani fish thali made by a local villager followed by watching the India-Bangladesh cricket match in our room, which was a thriller. Indeed, a day very well spent!