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Blessed with a rich cultural past and a beautiful coastline, is the city of Srivardhana in Maharashtra. The widespread betel nut plantations punctuated by the red-tiled roofs of the Konkani houses come together as a rustic visual treat and a very cozy getaway. The temple complex of Shree Laxminarayan is what binds the history of the Peshwas with this town. But what adds glamour to this city is the golden sands of the many beaches that stretch across the shore. There is the Diveagar Beach, which is highlighted by the humble temple, standing on the coast, dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The Kondivali Beach is famous for water sports such as paragliding and surfing, and also the quick treks across the cliffs on the coast. The Harihareshwar Beach is ideal if you like relaxing by the beach with some lip-smacking seafood. There are many luxurious resorts that are surrounded by the turquoise blue sea such as the Shree Ganesh Beach Resort or Subhan Beach Resort. To wake up to the sparkling waters in the morning sun, almost touching the gates of the resort, is no less than a magical experience to start the day with.

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We had a tasty meal and then headed to the Shrivardhan....

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There on, it was a non stop drive till Shrivardhan....

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Harihareshwar Town, Shrivardhan
It was time to check out and head to Harihareshwar.Hardly 35 KMS away, we reached there by afternoon heading straight to Shiva temple first. Just on the sidelines of temple is the flawless beach. Sand being too hot at this time of the day can burn your feet. The beach has mud like textured sand which is very soft as it gets compressed when stepped upon. Advise you restrict entering deep inside, as one might get stuck due to ultra soft sand and due to its uneven sea bed.
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The ride from Diveagar to Shrivardhan was spectacular. This is the Maharashtra tourism ads kinda picturesque location. The distance between these 2 places is a about 20kms but you can't help but stop at every 3kms to just admire the kickass view of the coast line from small cliffs and the coastal roads. We took about an hour to reach shrivardhan. There's also Aravi beach just before shrivardhan which is almost like a virgin beach. White sand beach, untouched by civilization. You could spend half a day just lazing on the beach.Shrivardhan has a lot of good options to eat and stay. There is a small home kitchen called Atharva in the main market which serves nice home cooked food. You must try the sea food here. Inexpensive and really delicious fish thali, surmai fry and other local stuff.There's a place right on the beach at one end where there are cottages and tree houses to stay. About 1500 bucks per night for a room which is negotiable. Checkout the other places as well. Tents and all can be arranged. We chose to stay with one of the locals. These guys have small rooms adjoining their houses which they give on rent and also arrange for food. Good, basic place to stay would be around Rs. 500-700 and a filling fish/chicken thali would just be about Rs. 120-130.So we spent the night with some barbeque and all with a late night visit to the beach. I must say, Shrivardhan surprised us. The beach is absolutely clean and beautiful with raised promenades with antique street lamps and ample dustbins to keep the place clean. I wish we could achieve 1/3rd of this for the beaches in Mumbai.
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