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Bagdogra Airport Siliguri

Sandesh Patkar
Here you’ll find autos which will take you to SNT Bus Stand for Rs. 200 (They will start from Rs. 400, bargain a little but they won’t go below Rs. 200.)
Shruti Jain
Since we wanted to go directly to the airport, we took a taxi at NU 3000 from Phuntsholing to airport. You can also cross the border and take a bus/train from Jaigaon to Airport.So this was my quick guide to explore Bhutan in 9 days, go explore :)
Sanjay Kumar
Finally, It was time to say goodbye. We took a taxi and head back to Bagdogra to catch our flight.
Bhunesh Bhaskar
Sadly it's already time to head back to your normal life again but you still have few hours before you leave. It takes about 2:30 hours to reach Bagdogra from Darjeeling so plan and leave as per your flights timings. Make sure to pack some Darjeeling Tea and might as well have some while you sit with your buddies planning for next trip.Hope you enjoyed reading my travelogue, be sure to like, share and comment if you have any feedback or have any queries regarding the trip. I will try to answer, help as much and as early I can.You can head over to my Instagram (Utopian_gypsy) to know more about my travel plans/ pictures/ random stuff, while I work to share more such experiences to everyone.Till we meet again !!
Bhunesh Bhaskar
Depending on where you fly from flight costs may vary. I took a connecting flight from Lucknow to Bagdogra via Delhi which was booked approximately a month before the date of travel. This early booking turned to be a considerably cheap one for about INR 6380.
Arushi Agrawal
Left from Ravangla via private cab and headed for Bagdogra from where our return flights were booked. Took 4 and half hour to reach there
Amisha Chordia
We flew in at Bagdogra airport from Mumbai - a 2.5 hour flight with great view of Himalayas. Bagdogra is a small airport in West Bengal, India about 170 km away from Phuentsholing, Bhutan border.One will be mobbed by taxi drivers just outside the airport; but since we were on a budget trip, we chose to go via local state transport bus. Taxis charge about Rs. 2-2.5k from Bagdogra to Phuentsholing.We took a share cab to Siliguri Bus Station, about 15 km from Bagdogra, and a bus from there to Phuentsholing for Rs. 112 per head. It took us about 5 hours to reach the border, but the journey was really comfortable with cold breeze and fresh air and most importantly - no traffic!
Ishaani Sharma
After a early breakfast we packed our bags and left for Bagdogra. Just about an hour and a half from Mongpong, we reached Bagdogra nice and early for our afternoon flights. I took a fight from Bagdogra to Kolkata and then a late evening flight from Kolkata to Hyderabad. After 8 days of non stop travelling, I was extremely tired and sleep deprived but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t one of the most memorable trips of my life. North-East, like I said, has always had a very special place in my heart. I love the nature, the culture and the amazing food it has to offer, not to forget the extremely warm and friendly people make the place even more magical. It is one place I highly recommend you visit. I’m sure you will fall in love with it just the way I did.
Day 4, now its time move towards Siliguri Airport for flight to Kolkata.
Sayan Modak
Bagdogra is another 6 kms. from NJP, which takes some odd 25-30 minutes extra to reach Siliguri comapred to time taken if you start from NJP.If you are travelling tight on budget then you can go all the way to Ravangla by shared taxi(Sumo/Bolero/Max) which accommodates 10 passengers; however you need to brake this journey in 3 stops.
Anand Shah
Being aware of total trek route length of 82 km, this was our first ever multi-day trek trip that too in winter and in North India. Upon reaching base camp, our trek leader had our quick health check and shown our rooms in a tea house (small hut like structures as in image run by locals for trekkers)
Sreshti Verma
When you get out of Bagdogra Airport, head straight out and take an auto to Siliguri, and ask the driver to drop you at the shared taxi stand. This will cost Rs 100-200. Several shared jeeps go to Gangtok and Darjeeling. A shared ride to Gangtok from Siliguri should not cost you more than Rs 200. The journey will take upto 5 hours.
Sanchita C
The aerial view before landing at Bagdogra Airport. The beauty of the clearly demarcated paddy fields is mesmerizing. Bagdogra in West Bengal is the nearest airport to Gangtok. Sikkim doesn't have a functional airport or railway station. The nearest railway station is therefore New Jalpaiguri, in West Bengal.