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Sonalium Railway Station

Offbeat Voyagers
After spending quite some time there, we started on our journey back to Sonalium station. While we were heading back, we came across a group of people who were headed to the base of the falls and decided to join them and have the complete experience. On reaching the pool at the bottom, we realized that the water was too harsh to go close to and turned back. After walking for an hour or so we reached Sonalium station at around 6:30 PM and sat beside the tracks waiting for some train to give us a lift as walking back would take up a lot of time and it would get very dark. After waiting for 45 minutes, we finally came across a goods train, rushed to the locomotive and pleaded the pilots for a ride back to Kulem station. A few minutes of convincing got us a ride in the locomotive and we were on our way to Kulem during which we learnt a lot of things about the locomotive and the pilots which made the journey all the more interesting.
Offbeat Voyagers
After hiking for about 2 hours and covering something like 6 KMS, we reached a station in the middle of nowhere called Sonalium where we came across the Amaravati Express(18047) from which a couple of people disembarked to go and absorb the beauty of the falls with a slight difference that they had a guide with them. On having a word with the guide we realized that walking on the track could result in a problem as there was a possibility of encountering the Railway Police Force(RPF) since it is not allowed to go to the rail bridge facing the falls and suggested us to go through the forest to the base of the falls. We decided to take his advice and headed into the forest and joined the Dudhsagar falls trail. At the beginning of this trail we came across a forest official and had to pay him Rs. 50 per person for the entrance into the forest.
That place where you can attempt to catch a goods train