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Balmuri Falls

Surabhi Keerthi
This place is an ideal spot for picnics and family outings. The water falls down from a height of just 6 feet forming a soft sheet. Visitors can walk along the stream of water and this particular reason is why the location is a part of many regional language movies.
Surabhi Keerthi
These two man made check-dams are located in Srirangapatna and are 1 km away from each other. Balmuri means ‘turn right’ and Yedmuri means ‘turn left’ in Kannada language. The water flow turns the respective directions from their points in Srirangapatna and hence the names.
Surabhi Keerthi
14. Balmuri and Yedmuri Falls
Nayan Gadre
On the way, is a small catchment dam over Cauvery, Balmuri Falls. It's a good weekend getaway stop for groups to enjoy a free water park experience. The next day was leisure time for us at the cottage, I explored the area around. Plenty of ponds and domesticated animals, ducks, cows, dogs. There is an internal trail around the entire forty acre estate and shantu promised to show us around on the third day before we checked out. We had breakfast and set out for remaining site seeing. We could witness the beauty of Coorg in daylight which we missed while arriving due to rains and by the time we reached it was already dark. Surrounded by plantations and paddy fields, my father explained the resemblance to plantations in . Atop the hill will be the plantations and downhill paddy fields which helps in proper water management. We visited abbey falls, which seemed to be a perennial waterfall, but it would be definitely great to visit it post monsoon when it would be flowing at full capacity. and Madikeri Fort were near Madikeri Town. The fort is now a converted court and government office but still has some essence of the British occupancy. Thalakaveri is a religious site where the river originates. My parents especially liked the temple and , from where the river water flows downhill. We purchased spices from the local society shop and some ginger wine, Coorg also specializes in homemade wines, from , gooseberry, pomegranate, leaf and . We had tea back at the cottage and relaxed listening to jungle sounds, birds calling and insects screeching.
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