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September - May
1 out of 12 attractions in Srirangapatna

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

Kanj Saurav
The temple complex was enormous with a matrix of Gopurams all over the town. I was dropped at the far end of the complex, and I began walking trying to take pictures of the highly detailed Gopurams, avoiding the electricity cables that came in between. I walked back to the entrance of the temple, and they asked me to drop my bags at the baggage counter and cover myself up. It was since I had left Varkala that I was travelling in Beach Shorts to avoid the heat. It wasn’t a problem though, as I pulled on my jeans, and dropped the baggage at the counter. Once inside, I got a ticket for the Viewing Point which offered me the visual of all the temples in the premises. I took a Photo walk around the Temple Complex for about an hour, and then I was ready to leave.
Rakesh Malik
On way back we stopped at Ranganathaswamy Temple at 11 am. It was about 30 km away from Mysore.