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Karandeep Mehra
The third in the trio of capitals of the Jhala Rajputs. Wadhwan is another fortified town situated on the banks of the now dried out river Bhujavo. This place is a considerable distance and we didn’t have a lot of time to visit a lot of places, the main attraction that we could surmise from a few conversations was the Raj Mahal Palace. What we didn’t find out was that this palace was now a heritage hotel, but in a way this worked out well as one doesn’t often run into palaces that one can explore from the inside. The Rajmahal palace compared to the forts and palaces in Gujarat is still a babe in the arms, built only just in the 19th century, nevertheless it is quite stunning! The other place we visited was the Hawa Mahal, another palace with intricately carved Jharokhas, pillars and a façade, and older than the Raj Mahal. We couldn’t find out more about this place, apart from the fact that it was damaged in the 2001 earthquake, something quite apparent since it was missing a considerable chunk of its roof!