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The name of a major lake in the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. This is one of the two very important lakes in this region. This is because the two of these lakes are main suppliers of water to the city and metropolitan of Chennai. These are rain fed lake and the other one's name is the Puzhal Lake. There is also a dam and reservoir built over it. The origination of the Adyar River also takes place over here. The main attraction here is of course the engineering project which plays an important part in the infrastructural development of the region and also due tp the surrounding beauty which serves perfect for the photographer's lenses.
Ankita Vimal
Now I was all ready to conquer Chembra Peak and the gods were extremely kind on that day to not rain. The weather was breezy and cold, but no leeches at all on the path to the peak. The stop – heart-shaped lake was just like I had seen in pictures and always marvelled at the shape. The trek was amazing, not difficult at all and beautiful throughout the journey. Heart of Chembra :) Heart of Chembra :) Our journey back to Bangalore started post our trek and needless to say, the journey was super-fun with continuous rounds of dumb charades and antakshari not letting some poor souls sleep. I couldn’t speak, forget sing for a week after that trip :-D It was one of the happiest weekends of my life, seeing such beautiful sights, meeting such awesome like-minded people and making some really good friends. This trip also made me realise how freaking awesome I was at singing and remembering the lyrics to Bollywood songs :-P Reaching back home, I couldn’t wait to enrol for another trip for the coming weekends. That is what this trip did to me. Making me confident enough to venture out alone, meet adventurous people and gain pals for life. Thank you Nomads, it all started with you and it’s hasn’t ended and you lived up to your name; since in the end, I did achieve Nirvana :) And that my friends, was my toddler step to solo travel.