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Tampere Cathedral

Anirban Roy
As you start walking down the bridge, you get to the Tampere theatre, a beautiful monument from 1904. Situated just in front of this hotel is the bus stop which will be taking us to our next destination, Tampere Cathedral, one of the places I had a wish to see. Tampere Cathedral is one beautiful structure crafted out of a natural stone. If you are a lover of frescoes, you will like this cathedral very much. Also the famous 'Garden of Death' and 'Wounded Angel' paintings present in the western and eastern gallery is a visual treat. However it would be great to listen to the choir music from the gallery, in the Easter maybe. The cathedral has a remarkable history from the past, and it is said that even the people of Tampere had posed for the church paintings, during the time it was getting constructed. The artists Hugo Sinberg and Magnus Enckell carried out most of the decorative work. During the time of concerts its said that the cathedral fills all its 2000 seats.