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Bay of Fires

Pitstop #1: The Bay of FiresOur first stop was the gorgeous white sands of the Bay of Fires in the eastern coast of Tasmania. The appellation goes all the way back to the early age of English exploration, sometime in the 1770s, when Captain Tobias Furneaux spotted Aboriginal fires on the coastline, thereby naming it the Bay of Fires. Another less popular theory is attributed to the fiery, bright orange lichens that colour the rocks on the beaches here, hence the Bay of Fires.
Binalong Bay and the Bay of Fires lie just north of here. Here, I found my heavenly kingdom. I drove, sat, explored, swam and navigated the northeastern bit of Tasmania with nothing but a smile on my face. Even as a kid I never played on a jungle gym quite like this. And neither will you. If there’s one place to see in Tasmania–this is it. Give yourself at least half a day to get lost and hang out in the sun, water and on the sand.