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Kailashahar is a small town in Tripura along the Bangladesh border. The name Kailashahar comes from the belief that Lord Shiva once resided here. The rich legacy of the town is inscribed in the form of images on big stones and rocks, an amazing sight to see. The best place to see these beautiful rock carvings and sculptures is Unakoti. If art and culture interests you, there is much to learn from the locals and their way of life.
Arundhuti Adhikari
Next day morning, I headed for kailashahar local tour. Town is very small, so I preferred to walk, of course early morning walk ;). I headed towards Ramakrishna Mahavidyala which is only college in Kailashahar district. While walking beside the college, I have got a chance to look around the pure beauty of monsoon. Chirping of birds, trees looking really fresh and pure, smell of soil, old aged people getting ready for morning walk, kids are playing.
Arundhuti Adhikari
Next day, I headed for "Chouddo Devatar Mandir" which is again 30-40 mins drive from West Gobindapur. One can take auto from new motor stand which will cost 200 bucks. I started my journey at around 10.00 am in the morning and reached by 10.45 am. One the way to this temple, you will find plenty of food stall, so no worries for food and water. This temple is very ancient and believed that this is dedicated to mother of people of Tripura, also known as Tripuri. The idol belongs to 10th or 12th century. Very popular festival, "Kharchhi Puja" is celebrated at this temple compound. Many people tie bands or clothes for their wishes to fulfill.
Pluto Panes