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Karni Mata Temple

Arun Patel
Night view (Lighting) of UdaipurEnjoy Rope-way Ride or Trekking
Mukul Goyal
We left Lake Pichola very early because we didn't want to go for boating, we just saw the view and clicked some beautiful photographs from there. Our next destination was Karni mata Temple which was around only 1.8 km from Lake Pichola and around 4km from main Udaipur city.
Sweetyy Gupta
Its a temple situated nearly 10 mins walk able distance from dhudh talayi. Here you can enjoy ropeway to have a amazing view of pichola lake.
4. Karni Maata Temple:-Shri Manshapurna Karni Mata Temple can be reached through rope-way. You get a heart-throbbing view of city and its lakes from top.Best time to visit:- during sunset.My suggestion:- If interested, you can also trek the way, but make sure that you return before sunset.5. Neemach Maata Temple:-To get a mesmerizing view from hill-top, visit this 900 meters long way temple of neemach mata, the statue of goddess is under neem tree so is the name.Best time to visit:- early morning.
Jatin Goswami
Post Lunch, the auto driver took us to a cable car station named Mansapurna Karni Mata Rope-way (or Doodh Talai ropeway). We waited for our turn for 20 minutes (Long Queues) and then the cable car (with a seating capacity of 6, 90 Rs. per head) took us to the Karni Mata temple. The platform up there offered a panoramic view of the Udaipur city, with lakes and hills on one side and thousands of white houses (as far as you could see) on the other side. After reaching the top, we visited the temple and in about a few minutes, it was time for sunset. We couldn't miss that for the world. So, we just sat there to let that feeling sink in with wind rushing at about 100 miles/hour in the background.