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Taj Lake Palace

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur: Situated in the middle of the lake? Tick! A grand palace? Tick! Glorious views from all the rooms? Tick! The Taj Lake Palace has been a favourite with royalty and celebrities for a reason. The sweeping view of Lake Pichola only helps the cause. Here get treated like royalty from the minute you enter the property. They shower roses on you and give you a platter of refreshments before an escort of the hotel takes you to your room under an umbrella. True royalty! The rooms also have a royal feel to them, as this palace was once actually a king's palace. A lot go the elements are restored to life in order to make the guest feel like royalty. The Taj Lake Palace also has four restaurants to cater to every need of the guests. From traditional Rajasthani cuisine, to a European restaurant with rooftop views, or a bar serving the best wines and cigars! Now you know what makes the Taj Lake Palace the best hotel in Udaipur.Ideal for: The luxurious traveller who wants to feel royalWhat’s so special: An original palace dating back to the 18th century, Maharana Jagat Singh II built this white marble palace floating in the Lake Pichola. Considered to be one of the most romantic resorts in the world and also a sight of shooting of the famous James Bond movie, Octopussy. They even have an exclusive personal butler service where they can arrange for various intimate dining settings as well like Saanjh for cocktails, sit-down dinner at the Lilly pond and many more.Accommodates: 2 adults are allowed in each room, with additional charge for a guest.Price: Rs 30,000/ night, not including breakfast
Taj Lake Palace is made for the luxurious traveller who loves to be treated like royalty. The Taj Lake Palace treats all of their guests like kings and queens  Even the arrival is royal! Imagine arriving at a palace in the middle of the lake with rose petal showers & a platter of refreshments which greet you. Guards also escort you under a sequinned umbrella to give you a traditional welcome. Even the dining experience is unforgettable as your personal butlers take care of your each & every need.
Udaipur, city of lakes, you lay your eyes anywhere here and you will find beautiful dome like Palaces. The name in itself sounds nothing less than Royalty. Let me tell you, this was beyond Royalty. I was taken in by surprise by Beloved when I entered this Magnificent Historical City. He had discreetly checked me in at Taj Lake Palace.Udaipur, has lot of palaces to see and their Current King living in City Palace (Part of it, rest have been converted into Museum). We had planned our trip for 2 days on my Birthday weekend.As soon as we stepped down from the car, we were warmly welcomed by Rose petals being showered over us with drum rolls and then leading our way to their Luxurious yacht-like Jetty.It truly is the "Venice of India". Most of it, the reason why I always visit a new place is my sheer love for food. Having said that, this is the first time after more than a decade I laid my hands on Lamb meat and oh boy their "Lal Maas" is to die for. Everything, right from the Ker Sangri(Local specialised sabzi), Dal Batti Churma to the Nalli Nihari I couldn't get my hands off (mind you, succulent pieces oozing out fiery flavour and cooked till melt-in-the-mouth-perfection).We checked in Taj Lake Palace (Previously known as Jag Niwas Palace and was used as Summer Palace). Pristine white and beautiful sight to behold. We stopped by for delectable dinner at Neel Kamal, where we opted for Royal Thali.Next morning, we headed out for our City Palace tour right beside our hotel. There is an entry ticket and you have to buy separate ticket to use Camera. The City Palace, overlooking Lake Pichola is as historically beautiful as the Travel Magazines capture it. Those sturdy pillars adorned with decorative carvings, mirrored & ornamental tile bring back opulence of the era and not to forget, the Classic and Vintage Car Collection that Palace proudly boasts of. Their jewel in the collection is obviously 1924 Rolls Royce 20 HP. The Palace has now been converted into museum and if you are into old artefacts then visit to City Palace,Udaipur is must.Our next stop was Saheliyo ki Bari, is a popular tourist attraction built by Rana Sanghram singh and was presented to his Queen, wherein the Queen can stroll and spend leisure time with her 48 maids. It is located at the Banks of Fateh Sagar Lake with beautiful Lotus pool & Marble Elephant Fountains.After our tiring tour, we relaxed ourselves to Jiva spa (tip: while vacationing a spa treatment adds zing to your short vacation) Next Day, we planned on knowing the place we were staying. Words short fall to describe Taj Lake Palace.Centrally located amidst Lake Pichola on the island of Jag Niwas, 360 degree view of lake, you cannot miss the sun rise while sipping on your hot cup of Masala Tea making you forget worldly ties & stress. The palace was constructed facing east, allowing its inhabitants to pray to Surya, the Hindu sun god, at the crack of dawn. The walls made of black and white marbles are adorned by semi-precious stones and ornamented niches. Gardens, fountains, pillared terraces and columns line its courtyards.If you are in any part of Rajasthan, please do not miss on their flavourful Ghevar & Finni. I am die hard fan of their sweets, dipped and dripping in pure Ghee and loaded with unique flavor.
After the young prince, Maharana Jagat Singh II of Udaipur, was caught frolicking at moonlight picnics with ladies of the ‘zenana ( the private chambers of the court ) ’, he built his own pleasure palace on Lake Pichola. The Maharana (ruler) called this palace which he built in 1746, Jag Niwas. Jag Niwas is today the majestic and magnificent Taj Lake Palace of Udaipur. - From the Taj websiteHere is my account of our stay here:I always wanted to be a princess and I felt like one,With my prince alongside, finally the day had come.The palace shimmered in the lake, mystical and vast,A precious pearl of royal times in the past.With its alabaster walls exquisitely painted,Etchings beautifully carved.The lanterns sparkled in the courtyard,Oh, what a night it was.The cool breeze from the lake whispered by,It soothed us at every turn.While the puppets danced near the pond,Strings pulled by the master behind the lily frondsThe entourage catered to our every whim,And we felt like queen and kingLavish delicacies were offered,Every bite of which we savored.The lake beckoned with its ripples,The night beguiled with its charm,The palace lured with its grandeurAnd the people welcomed with their hearts.I am indeed transformed.The palace is located on an island in the midst of Lake Pichola with breathtaking views of the neighboring City Palace, Aravalli Hills, Machla Magra Hills and Jag Mandir. We visited the hotel in September, to catch the off season rates, much lower than peak season. City palace and market area are must visits.
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To match the royalty of the city, this hotel showcases the best of the food of the royals. The hotel's Grandeur and magnificence is seen by its location; it has been built in between a lake.