Piazza San Marco 1/2 by Tripoto

Piazza San Marco

Sindhu Chandra
Piazza San Marco:San marco is the principal public square of Venice. where it is generally known just as "the Piazza". All other urban spaces in the city are called "campi"
Mahalakshmi Venkatesh
I still had to visit Piazza San Marco in the next 2 hours and catch my train to Rome at 6:30pm. So I left Burano at 2pm, reluctantly. After a 20 minute ferry ride ( I hate describing ferry rides), I reached the most awaited destination of this trip. Piazza San Marco. The intricately designed Bridge of Sighs was eye candy. Whether it was a co-incidence or not, I couldn't say. I stood there, SIGHING at the crowded avenue. Afternoons may not be the best time to peacefully admire the brilliant architecture at Piazza San Marco. But even the little time I got to spend there, left me in awe of the drop-dead gorgeous square. I walked around and ate pizza and ice-cream in a small restaurant for 7 euros. At 5:30 pm I started walking towards the Venezia Santa Lucia train station. I reached in 12 minutes.Even though I wasn't ready to bid goodbye to Venice yet, the information screens already displayed that my train to Rome was waiting on platform 6. But I knew it wasn't my first and last time in Venice and that, there will be another time when I would come back!
Sharon Phang
Also known as St Mark's Square, this is the public square of Venice with a lot of shops and cafes occupying the building surrounding this space. Most of the time, this is where the pigeons gather around chasing, or being chased by tourists