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Sneha Vashist
The best about the location of Melbourne city is, few hours of drive from the city and the destinations you reach simply blows away your mind. Dandenong Ranges is one of the finest examples. An escape away from the bustling city life and you enter into the magical world of misty mountains and lush green towering forests. Its pure bliss and this heavenly place offers you 1000 things to do. You can choose from several available options in these ranges and do whatever pleases you as per your convenience. You can walk around and explore nature if that is your thing..or get acquainted to the wildlife around the national parks or experience a lavish train journey of the Puffing Billy or delve in wine tasting tour amidst spectacular scenery of Yarra valley or simply rejuvenate your taste buds by relaxing and sipping on few varieties of tea at the beautiful eateries around the place.
Rahul Basak