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Phillip Island

Aditi Jana
Phillip islandOne of the most elaborate city getaway experiences for us from Melbourne has been our time at Phillip island. 2 hours drive, down south from mainland Melbourne has multitude of activates for families from experiencing wildlife within their natural habitat to some spectacular walks and hikes along side the beaches and ocean. The highlight of this island is the penguin parade where we watched in amusement the little birds waddle across the beach at sunset. There are other attractions like the Churchill Island to, Koala conservation centre, motor sports and various water sports as well.
Archana Singh
The little Penguins Parade will win your heart. I am sure you would want to come back.
Yanting Chan
Philip island was a long drive from the bus we boarded from Federation square in the heart of the city. We also spotted wallabies hopping about along the way in the plains! Philip island is the coastal home to many little penguins (the world's smallest penguins) where each night at sunset, they return ashore after a day of fishing. It was really amazing to have witnessed this magical procession at Summerland beach, even though photography was banned. But I couldn't resist not sneaking a few of shots of the rainbow gradient sky, which isn't very apparent in the picture because I hesitated and the sun was setting. Photography is banned because the light caused by flashes blinds the penguins for life, although some tourists still go ahead and take their selfish flash shots which is very unfortunate. Made our way down to one of the park ranges early morning to have breakfast, and where I had the best marmite crackers ever....and where mumsie fed canaries with some bird food provided at the side. They're really intuitive! Pitstop at a wine vineyard, and had an expensive Italian meal because there was no other restaurant in plain sight (and we were hungry), the pasta was good at least! Pelicans are such mesmerizing yet awkward looking creatures, which makes them really beautiful. They don't smell very nice though, and I was almost certain they were gonna bite me after my snaps so I scurried away.