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Happy Valley Tea Garden

By the beginning of the next day, the weather was almost back to normal (as normal as it could be in the month of June). We had again booked a cab for the whole day, which had charged us a bit more than the previous day because we would be going higher up this time to a place known as Chitray. Our excursion started with us visiting the Happy valley Tea garden, which is in Darjeeling itself. It is a privatized tea estate and entry fee is 100 per person, so unless you are a tea enthusiast , you may skip this place, if you find it expensive. But we all loved tea, and for us visiting Darjeeling and not getting to visit a tea estate was like the end of the world. The 100 bucks however covers the charge of the guide and the Tea garden tour. The guide we had been assigned was really good. He explained the whole process of tea picking and processing.Fun fact : Darjeeling tea hasn't originated from Darjeeling, it was originally planted by the British colonials in the 1800s as an experiment, and the tea leaves were brought from China. The breed that we find in Darjeeling is known as Camillia Sinensis. It is the only whole leaf tea breed sold in India.The whole experience of visiting the sprawling tea garden was amazing, IT felt like one of those old Hindi films, where the lead pair always visited some hill station and danced in a tea garden with clouds floating around them.