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Icche Gaon

Day 4 18.08.2018
We arrived at NJP station at 10:30 am in the morning and the weather was very humid. As per the plan we called Sunita our host to locate our cab that would take us to our awaited destination. It was a White Bollerro that we boarded and our journey of 88 km from NJP to Icche Gaon had began . The initial roads were so bumpy and full of pollution till Sevoke Bridge that it drained off almost half our energy . The driver informed us that it was 4 hrs journey and we were worried that the exhaustion would take away the left over energy .But we never knew that the serenity was beyond that ... the jungles , the waterfalls and the mountain foot hills welcomed us with honor. After crossing Sevoke before the climb from lowland to the mountains we took short break to have our breakfast at a restaurant near Sevoke bridge . Our eyes got stuck to the mesmerizing view of the foothills and we were so refreshed by sudden weather change , it felt like holiday had just begun . The breakfast was a fine English breakfast with toasts butter and omelette , just to add the Indian flavor to it - hot cup Darjeeling Tea was served. As it was just the beginning of the trip our driver wanted us to board the cab early as we had to reach Icche Gaon before lunch . Budding up with Teesta river we started crossing mountains and small waterfalls that were flowing through the road to meet Teesta . Being Bong Souls , which we are .. we just couldn't stop ourselves from playing the famous track "Megh Peioner " from the movie Titli . The song and the ambiance made the roads more romantic as well as thrilling . On the way there are spots like Rishikhola , Peddong and Aritar where you can take a hault and enjoy the beautiful scenic view . Icche Gaon is a part of the famous silk route that we all know about . During our climb there was point where the road got divided and one went towards Darjeeling and the other towards Icche Gaon via Kalimpong . At reaching Kalimpong there was a sudden drop of temperature and we felt like we want our warm clothes . Now the clouds seemed to be a co-traveler and conquered a seat at our spacious car making us freeze. It was already 2 pm ,there was Independence Day celebrations going on with trumpets being blown and the streets were filled with localities celebrating the Independence Day with great pomp. Crossing the humongous crowd we finally was near our destination . My friend and me together shouted out " Bhaiya Gari Roko " . our driver almost panicked thinking we had underwent something serious but no it was the view of the entire Sikkim from an unknown place which we named - Bird's eye view . We stopped there had water clicked few selfies , mandate for any trips nowadays and then captured all that we could through our lens and the rest in our mind.Finally we again boarded the cab the driver said its a 20 minutes distance and me thrilled by the view wanted to take a front seat . Till now the roads were paved nicely but now its the actual unpaved hilly roads with rocks and boulders , in the next 20 minutes we reached our destination Icche Gaon.Our host Sunita Khawas welcomed us and helped us to reach our homestay which was the topmost homestay in Icche Gaon. The weather was sunny and a bit humid too so we quickly took a shower got freshen up and at the same time hungry like hell. But we suddenly saw the weather changing in front of our eyes that was one of the most amazing views so far . Our lunch date was setup in open air with all homemade delicacies like egg masala , rice , dal , 3 kind of fried veggies, squash curry along with complimentary salad and Chatni. After having a grand lunch we dozed off and literally woke up at 7 pm in the evening . Again as a part of the itinerary we were served with Veg Momo and chilli chicken dry to add up spice in that cold weather had sip of Rum and played yet another from fav list "Jhoom by Minar". The night sky seemed so glittery and the houses on the mountain appeared to be a princess wearing a necklace . Time passed by sitting quietly and dancing in the tunes of our playlists. Our host Sunita approached us for dinner of our choice and we were so full that we just ordered a plate of rice , dal and soft bengali style Alu bhaja .
Kabir Basak
Day 2, started with a cup of coffee and a wonderful view of Mount Kangchenjunga.
Kabir Basak
Icche Gaon or Echey Gaon is a small village in the Kalimpong district of the state of West Bengal, India. Icche Gaon, situated at 5800 ft above mean sea level, has view of Mount Kangchenjunga and nearby peaks. Icche Gaon is located 89 km from New Jalpaiguri.
Shinjini Majumder
Talk of the hills and the mind runs straight to the North-Western India. Oh Shimla, Oh Manali, Oh Kashmir, oh more places in the region this that. Or directly to the South, oh Munnar, oh Coorg, oh Ooty this that. Bengal literally sits poker-faced, saying, Yo! I got them hills too! And the hills of Northern Bengal stretches beyond Darjeeling, main, and Kalimpong. It's pretty much a Bengali custom to make sure that you're not sitting home and hatching eggs during vacations. So you'd mostly find Bengalis in North Bengal, probably because of the proximity, but it's slowly becoming more known.