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The fear of death and love of life is what brings people close and make them forget all man-made differences like religion, castes etc. One such example is a Forest Goddess at Sundarbans known as “BonBibi”. Legend has it that she is the daughter of a Sufi Fakir who was left by her father in the jungle and raised by the animals of the jungle itself. She was blessed with superpowers and has protected lives of many from the man eater tigers. So irrespective of the castes and religion, everybody living in the islands of Sunderbans pray to her and seek blessings when they go to the forest areas for fishing or collecting honey! Apparently this is the only region and She is the only Goddess who is worshipped by both Hindu and Muslim devotees.(I will write a detailed blog on this extremely amazing and beautiful culture soon!)
Gautam Lahiri
As the boat moved on and the stories heard, the day was coming to an end...our tourist stop was a place called, 'Pakhiralaya' which means the abode of the birds. It is like a big stream that comes and meets the main river system, and rows of 'Sundari' and other trees have grown over the banks without an inch of space to spare..very dense indeed ; no wonder a tiger is camouflaged so well, and victims hardly have any chance at all. The sun had vanished and probably millions of birds were returning home, and the cacophony of their calls was like a continuous concert of a Bird Philharmonic orchestra.
Muktadhara Ray
We stayed here in Sunderbans. But there are numerous other resorts scattered in the islands. If this doesn't excite you enough, you may opt for the West Bengal government's boat stay.
Aditya Bhaisora
Usually people going to Pakhiralay stop over at Gosaba, hence adding to their entire wildlife experience. But Pakhiralay promises you an even better array of hues painting the horizon with its feathery friends... a true treat for bird watchers. Along with olive ridley turtle hatchery and a museum, there are numerous bird species encircling you at Pakhiralay.