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Jinty Rajkhowa
The Bordering areas of Nepal:Reaching Pashupatinagar Market (which is a bordering area of India and Nepal) takes almost 2-3 hours from Darjeeling, the road is beautiful and mesmerising in its own way. To enter into the Pashupatinagar market one has to show its identity proof in the check post. For Indian Nationals it is very easy to get a permission on the basis of Adhaar or Pan card or Voter Id. This market is the gateway to Nepal and takes us straight to the heart of this beautiful country.It is very easy for one to figure out how to enter and what to look or shop for once you enter the market place, hence I am not going into the details of these. What I want to talk about is my experience in a Nepali restaurant/lodge.We were hungry, some of us also had natures call as we had a kid amongst us. We walked for few minutes and reached to this restaurant called Omega (as referred by a local lady in the market). There was absolutely no one except for the family members watching T.V. We reached and we wondered what can we order here, but to our much surprise the family mad us the most memorable meal of our whole journey.
Suraj Pisharody
We crossed the border in the evening and experienced one of the coldest evenings. Played a few games which helped us cope with the climate and eventually we dozed off.The next morning we left for Pasupathi Nagar in Nepal. We stayed there that night and left the next morning to Darjeeling.