Pathra 1/undefined by Tripoto


Jayashree Sengupta
Tripoto has always helped me to look out for the off the beaten path, but when I searched for Pathra, it showed me Petra of Jordan, (well that is indeed in my bucketlist now); so it is time for a return gift to the tribe of Tripoto from my end, presenting this hitherto untrodden trail enveloped in the colours of nature, art and architecture blended together to form an exquisite quaint world, to find a photo-like reality. Step into this wormhole where present meets the past, and capture the Keeper of the Ancient Temples.Shades of brown terracotta sprouted like mushrooms amidst the myriad hues of pea-green, on the banks of a sapphire Kansabati, set in a milieu of a deep cyanic sky- presenting an idyllic tableau of the primary colours of light blending, so impeccably to the eyes to kindle the dormant painter in you.Locally known as Pathra, meaning "escape from elephant's feet", this place is a pertinent yet off-the-beaten destination to choose for a day-visit to. A scoot off from the nearest towns of Midnapore or Kharagpur of West Bengal through the rural roads would embark one onto a Temple Run through this exemplary camouflaged conglomeration of terracotta lure.