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29th Aug 2017

Mangueshi Temple

Photo of Mangeshi Temple in Goa | roadiaries by anju.malgaonkar

Hi Everyone

Today the post is about a very short trip to Mangeshi temple. I being Goan, have been to this temple numerous times, rather my engineering college is within the range of 5 kms. But since it was my birthday, we decided to cover this temple.

So, the occasion was my birthday and we have a new member in our family. So this was the first visit of the new member to this temple. The new member is going to be a part of most of our outings henceforth.

About the place

This is one the most famous temple of Goa, specially because it is the Kuldev of Lata Mangeshkar. They visit this temple every year. The temple premises is beautiful. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The 450 years old temple has a nandi and 7 story deep stambha.

Best time to visit : Anytime/Any season

Who all traveled: Me and my husband and Aruhi, our 3 months old daughter

Mode of transport: Car

Time taken: 30 minutes from Panaji

Things to carry:

Selfie stick

Power back up

Water bottle


My experience

This was a all of sudden plan to visit the temple. Goa is a small place and the farthest place in Goa can be covered in maximum 2 hours. So we decided to start the place by 2:30 PM, that is post lunch and yes we were at the temple within 40 min from my place which is based in North Goa.

There are 2 roads connecting to Old Goa, the regular route which buses take while the other route is the by pass route. If you start from Panaji, take the new by pass road to the Old Goa, which cuts down the time by at least 10 min. The road is wide and has 2 lanes. The condition of the roads are also too good. Mangeshi temple is situated at Priol in Ponda taluka. On the main road, there are signboards to guide the route to the temple.

There is a gate just outside the premises with parking for vehicles. Though, the car goes till the main stairs of the temple, the tourist vehicles are not allowed while local vehicles are allowed inside the gate. Visitors have to walk for around 10 minutes to reach the temple. There are souvenir shops on both sides enroute temple from the gate. There is a beautiful lake and deepstambh.

Since it was a weekday, there was not much rush. We got darshan easily.

Photography is not allowed inside the temple. The temple has a beautiful architecture. The temple walls are colored in blue. The color keeps changing.

There are rooms for stay in the premises for reasonable rates.

We clicked few pics after the Darshan and then it started raining heavily. Without spending much time, we headed back to home.

Overall experience: It was a very short and sweet trip. We started from home at 2:30 PM and were home by 4PM.

If you have any queries, please feel free to ask in comments. I will try my best to answer the same ASAP. Also I would suggest visit this place for an experience which you can cherish forever.