Elevate your spirits at Tales and Spirits Bistro, Pune :)

18th Mar 2021

Doesn't the idea of visiting a garden bistro on a weekend evening entice you...?

Does the idea of sitting in a soothing ambience listening to the soulful melodies with the scrumptious food, fill your body and soul with the spirits of happiness....???

Recently, I visited Tales and Spirits Bistro, SB Road, Pune. The cafe is located in the heart of the Pune city and is quite famous for it's delectable food and the vibrant ambient setup.

Usually in evening hours, the small portion of the cafe is turned into makeshift stage for live band performances and gigs. As the evening grows the ambience turns more lively with the performances and soulful melodious songs playing in background.

The cafe has vast food menu, serves both cold and hot beverages and hard drinks. Even, there is a small bar step with the bar stools in one corner of the cafe. It has healthy eating options for health freaks who literally count the calories before ordering anything.. :P

The cafe is full of instagrammable locations to get your best clicks for Instagram. The nooks and corners of the place are well decorated to sink in the cosiness of the place. The warm golden lightings make it a perfect place for deep conversations or to the discuss the startup plan over a cup of coffee/drink ;)

Sinking in the soothing ambience listening to soulful songs on an evening date with your pal is something which is surely going to elevate your spirits of happiness :)

Pro Tips:- 1. Prebook this place for weekends. 2. Don't forget to carry a good camera as this place is perfect for photos :)

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