Satiating my taste buds at a beautiful cafe in Bhopal :)

18th Mar 2021

Doesn't the idea of spending an evening with your loved ones at a beautiful cafe enchants you...?

Isn't spending good time over indulgence in good food in a soothing ambience is a kind of rejuvenation therapy for you...??

Recently, I visited Green House Bistro Cafe in Jehan Numa Retreat, Bhopal. The cafe is located on Van Vihar Road, Bhopal. The roads leading to this cafe are covered with the beautiful canopy of trees.

The cafe provides good soothing ambience with warm yellow lightings. The nooks and corners of the cafe are decorated with antique plant pots and creepers. The whole cafe is nestled in beautiful green cover of mother nature.

When it comes to food, its sumptuous and you will savor every bite of it. The taste of coffee and tea here, is like a treat to your taste buds. The presentation of food is quite well. It has a limited menu but it never fails to disappoint your taste buds.

The cafe is usually a hub for youngsters for meet ups. It is also a good place for a romantic date with your betterhalf and to enjoy quality time with your family.

Soaking in the rich taste of food and beverages, spending quality time with your loved ones, sitting in the beautiful ambience of this place surrounded by lush green cover, will surely be a good rejuvenation therapy for you ;)

Pro Tips:- 1. Food is bit costly, but totally worth it. 2. Pre book this place for evenings/ weekends.

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