Is Shaniwarwada Fort Haunted?#MyTravelFirst

27th Jan 2010

Narayan gate

Photo of Is Shaniwarwada Fort Haunted?#MyTravelFirst by PANKAJ KUMAR
Photo of Is Shaniwarwada Fort Haunted?#MyTravelFirst 1/1 by PANKAJ KUMAR
Shaniwarwada fort

Shaniwarwada is the one of the haunted place in Pune,Maharashtra.

I was at 10th class,When My father got transferred to Pune from New Delhi.

Since from school days to till 2014,i have been heard many a haunted stories about the Shaniwarwada from my friends and colleagues.

One day I and My friend Ravi decide to camping around Pune in the night. My friend and I ,Always want to do something adventurous things.

We were searching for the places around Pune,One of ravi's friend suggested and challenged him to stay at shaniwarwada , Ravi's friend told us to visit on full moon night,Paranormal activities in this fort are at their highest on a full moon night.

We were skeptical at the beginning but we decided to do it as a first haunted adventure travel at the night but we decide to take along my dog,we had a labrador retrievar.

I took my brother car and reached around 01:00 Am to shaniwarwada.

It was a full moon light,no one was around shaniwarwada that time.

On the lonely road there flowed a gust of wind, whistling through the trees. The street lamps' light barely touched the earth beneath and did little to wade off the chill-down-my-spine. The night was as if meditating on the evil's dwelling for something grave to happen and the only thing breaking this silence was the slap of slippers on my feet.

We walked ahead and sit near to the entrance gate,we were sitting there almost 1 hours. Ravi noticed the key of lock is at the box which is near to the entrance gate,without any second thought till i think something, he opened the door . we entered into the shaniwarwada.

we moved towards the ground which is inside the shaniwarwada,we sited, there and wait for something to happen.

I and Ravi were discussing about a 13-year-old prince, Narayanrao.

As per some stories, a 13-year-old prince, Narayanrao, was brutally murdered in the fort. His body was dismembered and thrown into a river. According to the Hindu customs, if an individual’s cremation is not done as per rituals, the spirit remains trapped in the place of death. Since the prince’s body was disposed off in an unceremonious way, his tortured soul is still trapped within the fort’s walls and his cries for help can still be heard at night.

As it is commonly known that dogs and cats can sense such things, so we went all cold when we saw what happened. Our dog was gazing towards a wall since a long time and then suddenly he went towards it and starting barking furiously. His hair were standing on his back and he was being pushed away again and again with some strange unseen force but he kept on moving towards that wall and didn’t stop barking.

What we saw and listened was unbelievable.

Someone was crying. Really loud. It was the voice of a woman.

Ravi swallowed his saliva and gathered the courage to look at the direction of the sound.I felt uncomfortable and just want to get out.

Again Few minutes later, I hear a voice. Distinct, woman's Nasal tone.

Scared my soul. The cry of the woman grew louder.

We could actually see a pale girl wearing a white dress and with rusty hairs standing over first floor.

Ravi shook me hard when he saw my expression and asked me what it was and i was speechless.

I was terrified and in extreme fear. It was at that moment I realize not to do this kind of adventure again.

Finally, we decided to take action. we searched for the broomstick near the wall. Held it tightly And went to the main entrance gate.

I hold my dog lanyard we ran towards the gate.

There are many more incidents to discuss as i am a sensitive person and mostly have these chilling experiences. It is not at all good i feel really sick sometimes but i guess this is the drawback with having an active sixth sense and good sense of humor.