A Memorable Roadtrip on Diwali

6th Nov 2019
Photo of A Memorable Roadtrip on Diwali by Sudip Ghosh
Day 1


At the dawn of "Bhoot Chaturdashi" a team of enthusiasts entered the infamous Rajbari quite carefully from the backdoor and moved forward to the open yard space to gather in front of the dilapidated well of the ruins. The long night drive almost left everyone exhausted.Everyone gathered focusing their attention on exploring the haunted Rajbari. One of from the team broke the monotony and started with the stories that can scare away the bravest through impeccable story telling. The youngest in the group, a much excited teenager moved his eyes on the surroundings and noticed that although it was getting morning, yet the sun rays were hindered by the natural growth that have spread its branches inside the Rajbari. He noticed that the trees that have grown inside are quite different from what he had seen earlier. The spooky shape of the trees, coupled with almost no natural lights and the large empty window panes on the grey wall covered with mosses made him feel the places for which it is now famed (ill famed rather). His mind started to wander and he decided to focus on the stories instead and also promised to stay close to the group. Right then the silence of the surrounding and the group was disturbed by noises (although expected from such old ruins) of bats (Chamkadar - Indian Bats) fluttering their wings that flew past the open ceiling of the Rajbari. The group tried to focus back on the stories and moving forward with exploring the places. Once again they were startled. This time something unthinkable happened. A commotion grew and few in the group shouted that they noticed a shadow figure moved on the side walls of the ruins and disappeared. Another confirmed that there was not one but two shadow figures behind the wall. As all eyes were fixated towards the same direction in anticipation or dreading to see any more shadow figures emerging out from the dark walls of the alley, the first ray of sun reached and lit up the otherwise dark and eerie ruins of the Raipur Rajbari. The group sighed and wondered if it was really worth (or safe) to visit this spooky old ruins after the exciting road trip.

To be continued...

PC - Swapnil Karmakar, Team ToG
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Photo of Raipur, Birbhum, West Bengal, India by Sudip Ghosh
Photo of Raipur, Birbhum, West Bengal, India by Sudip Ghosh
Photo of Raipur, Birbhum, West Bengal, India by Sudip Ghosh
Photo of Raipur, Birbhum, West Bengal, India by Sudip Ghosh