Places to visit in Constanta, Romania

31st Jul 2019
Photo of Places to visit in Constanta, Romania by Gina

As summer is almost over, we thought it would be nice to come up with a list of the most important tourist objectives in Constanta, loaded with history and legends. Besides the well-known tourist attractions in the city of Constanta, such as the casino, the Dolphinarium, the Port of Tomis, there are some great places to visit but they are less known and are in the county of Constanta. So we will present below a list of the sights of Constanta and surroundings.

St. Ioan Casian Cave

The road from St. Ioan Casian Monastery to the cave is superb. This cave is hidden, the road to it is a special one, with steps dug in limestone, recently arranged. It was used by monks as a home and a place of employment. The cave is above the Casimcea valley, in Targusor commune, Constanta county. It is 50 km from Constanta, and the road with the car lasts just under 1 hour. It is one of the tourist attractions in the area of Constanta less known, but worth seeing. Since you need a car to get to this place, it's best that you won't take the train from Bucharest to Constanta. You should rent a car from Kamoauto in Bucharest, and use it for your stay in Constanta, because you have a lot to visit.

Dobrogei Quay

After visiting St. John's Cave you can also visit the Dobrogea Quay, an equally beautiful location. Just a few km from the monastery and cave of St. Ioan Casian, you can admire the amazing landscape of the Dobrogei Quay Geological Reserve. It is a great place for a barbecue or spend time outdoors.

Enisala Fortress

It is the only medieval fortress in Dobrogea that remained standing after the Russian-Turkish battles. The scenery you can admire from this fortress is superb! It is located in Tulcea county, Enisala village, near the city of Babadag, between Lake Razim and Babadag. It is 109 km from the city of Constanta, and the car journey to the location takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can eat at La Parmac Restaurant in Babadag, it has an extraordinary food and the prices are very decent.

Adamclisi Monument

It has a name that comes from the Turkish name Adam Kilisse (Adam's house - Church of Man). This monument was built by the Romans to celebrate their victory in front of the Dacians. The monument is located in Adamclisi Commune at 76 km from the city of Constanța, and the car journey takes 1 hour.

Histria Fortress

It is a Greek city, the oldest city certified on the territory in its current form. The landscape is dreamlike! The fortress was built on the shore of Lake Sinoe. It is 65 km from the city of Constanta and the car ride to the location takes 1h. Its location is in Istria, Constanta County. Near the fortress there is the Histria Archaeological Museum which can be visited. There is also a restaurant near the fortress where you can eat, and the food is quite good.

And, of course, there are a lot of places you can visit right in Constanta. The casino is located near the port of Constanta, on the seafront of the city, a place where you can take a walk and admire the sea, the area being recently renovated by the town hall. Here you will find the Genoese Lighthouse, the Statue of Mihai Eminescu, and the ruins of the Tomis fortress. Constanta Historical Center - Ovidiu Square, a beautiful location, recently arranged, where you can find (and visit) the Mosaic Museum and the History Museum. Some of the old buildings in the area have been arranged and on their ground floor there are many restaurants and cafes with different specifications. You can also admire the Great Mosque in Constanta, also located in the old center. And, also, you can enjoy the beach, and swim in the Black Sea.