How to Spend weekend in Bucharest


If you are planning to travel to Romania, you must know the Romania travel tips. Romania is considered to be a beautiful and amazing tourist destination. The spectacular Romania attractions are scattered around its diverse location. The visitors can have a blast exploring some of the most popular Romania attractions. Some of the top Romania travel destinations are discussed below.

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The Romania Zoo is one of the best zoo in Europe. In addition to this, the Romania Zoo is also home to Romania's biggest penguin called Mircea. The lovers of wildlife and art will be fascinated by the Romania Zoo. On top of this, the visitor will also love to visit the Roman Catholic Church of St. Samson, Basilica of St. Barnabas, National Museum, Romania's National Gallery, C Romanian Gardens and the Dracula Castle.

Romania is also known for its delicious cuisine. In order to enjoy the Romania food, a vacation in Romania is the perfect choice. Romania is an independent country located in Central Europe, surrounded by Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Greece. A tourist visiting Romania can feast on Romania's exotic cuisine.

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Another highlight in Romania is its famous cities. When you plan to visit Bucharest or Transylvania, don't miss out to visit to their magnificent museums and galleries. One of the most visited Romania attractions is the city of Bucharest. The visitors can visit the City of Churches, including the Great fortress on the Danube River. A Romania trip visitor can also visit to the historical city of Prahova, which was the capital of Romania before the communist regime. The museum called the National Museum of Prahova displays the antique and other works of art of Romania.

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Romania travel tips include easy transportation system to the major tourist destinations in Romania. If you are travelling with family or friends, a good idea is to rent a car. If you have experience traveling in a group, it would be better if you would travel together in a car. If you do not have enough time to go around Romania, you can take a day trip to the neighboring country, while leaving behind your Romanian travel guide to guide you through the country.

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Romania travel tips also includes staying in cheap hotels. The visitors can choose any hotel in Romania depending upon their needs and budgets. Budget hotels give the same facilities as the high-end hotels, but at a very affordable rate. Before deciding on which hotel to stay, you must consider the amenities that the hotel has. You should also check whether the hotel provides complimentary breakfast or lunch each day. It would be a good option to travel to a nearby country, especially if you don't have much spare time to enjoy your Romania travel.

From personal experience, I advise you to rent a car. And the excursion sites foxiepass and excurzilla will help you unravel many of Bucharest's mysteries.