One of the highest waterfalls in Maharashtra

Photo of One of the highest waterfalls in Maharashtra by TheCrazyIndianNomad

One of the top 3 waterfalls in #Maharashtra, #Thoseghar waterfalls in #Satara stands tall and magnificent at 1200 feet. There is a small waterfall at the base, but all of them are closed for swimming, you can go to the view points.

You can easily drive to the place there is enough parking and a few steps you reach this magnificent view, standing tall at 1200 Feet this is a breath taking sight, it has a smaller waterfall with the cave at bottom called chota dhabdaba. Entry fee is Rs 50.

Points of visit from Thoseghar 📍

Kaas Plateau

Chalkewadi (windmills)

Sajjangad Fort


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