Where to Find the Best of Maharashtra in Monsoon?


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Monsoon is now two months old but it feels like we haven't had enough of it. Certainly, 2019 is a tough year, concerning the delay and absence of monsoon in most parts of the country, but we can only expect it to get better in the coming months.

So to be monsoon ready and plan your trips accordingly, we have curated a list of places that can be explored this year in Maharashtra. From waterfalls to beaches, we have covered it all in our suggestions so that you can make the best of it!

Matheran in monsoon is a unique experience even though most Mumbaikars avoid it due to the poor road conditions up there. But if you want to experience what monsoon really looks like then head to this hill station to relish the beauty of the rains up close. Foggy trails, lush green surroundings, and bird-chirping makes it a surreal place to be during this season.

While monsoon wreaks wreaks havoc in some parts of the country others light up with all the colours of the. Just a few hours spent sitting at the Marine Drive, followed by a peaceful walk in the Dadar Parsi Colony and Fort will show you a different side of Mumbai during the rains. For nature lovers, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a prime spot to see the clouds hovering above the city from a distance.

Now if you are from Maharashtra or have lived here most of your life, you will know what Amboli Ghat looks like during the monsoon. It literally feels like a music festival with people of all ages coming in to witness the beauty of the Sahyadri Ghats and a magnificent waterfall falling with a thunderous roar.

This coastal town in the Konkan belt of Maharashtra is famous for many things like sprawling beaches, delicious seafood, scuba diving, and monsoon. While the sea activities and beaches will be shut in this season, beaches like Tarkarli and Devbaug will show you a different side altogether with its empty stretches and the roused sea that represents monsoon in its finest forms.

Waterfalls are in abundance in Maharashtra during monsoon. One such waterfall that attracts hordes of tourists is the Thoseghar Waterfall located in the small village of Thoseghar, 20 km from Satara. You cannot enter and stand near the waterfall but you can witness its beauty from a mountain top.

Panchgani is a small hill-station before Mahabaleshwar which is recently coming under the spotlight because of its calm surroundings. Since Mahabaleshwar is getting commercialised, travellers now prefer Panchgani. The place is famous for Table Land–a humongous flat land on a mountain top famous for horse riding. In monsoon, the whole place becomes lush green while the fog adds a layer of surprise for you.

One more waterfall on the list is the Randha Fall which comes in between the journey from Ratangad to Rajur. It's a 170-feet high drop straight into the valley with the backdrop of lush green fields and the Sahyadri mountains.

If you are looking for a monsoon escape from Mumbai, this is the best place to visit. But you should totally expect the place to be crowded especially on weekends since people from both Mumbai and Pune flock here in numbers to unwind and witness the waters in full force.

This place needs no introduction if you are an adventure junkie. Famous for the thrilling river rafting and the pristine environment in monsoon, Kolad is one of the most sought after places in Maharashtra to enjoy the Monsoon.

Lohagad Fort is one of the most famous spots for Punekars to enjoy monsoon. A mix of nature and history, this fort holds a significant place in Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj's history. It's a great place to experience a panoramic view of the green landscape.

So these are our 10 suggestions to make your monsoon memorable. When you're stepping out this season, be sure to be responsible with your life, that of others, and most importantly the environment.

If you want to share some of your memorable monsoon stories then write here.

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