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After wrapping up all the work, we finally left for Kulem and the journey was overwhelming with beautiful roads laid in the lap of nature weaving through forests with barely any vehicles traversing them. As soon as we arrived at Kulem, we encountered two men asking us if we were on our way to Dudhsagar Falls. On getting confirmation for the same, they asked us to pay Rs. 700 per person for the trek as Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary was shut for the rains and the jeeps would not ply to the base of the falls. Since we found the cost unreasonable, we parked the scooter and headed to a local grocery store to buy some eatables for the journey and crossed on to the tracks from under a stationary goods train and found ourselves between two goods trains of which one started moving in the direction of the falls. This provided us with an opportunity to disappear from the station without being seen by those so called guides. As per our knowledge the falls were around 10 KMS away from the station via the track route and hence began our journey towards the Sea of Milk. The hike was an interesting one we had to pay careful attention to the horns of the approaching trains and find a safe place to stop while the trains passed. One of the problems that we faced during this hike was walking on the sleepers between the tracks as they were placed too close to each other such that we had to take shorter strides to keep moving on them. Another problem that we came across was that the width of the sleeper was too short for our feet to fit which was gradually becoming painful. Despite all of these hardships we soldiered on as the desire to reach the falls surpassed all of that.

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