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Under a luxuriant canopy of tropical rainforest and mysterious mangroves, encapsulated by shallow aquamarine waters, are white sands so soft and fine that they remind you of good old talcum powder. This glorious slice of paradise, also known as South Andaman, is one of the major islands of the Indian archipelago of Andaman Islands, and contains the Andamanese capital city of Port Blair. Located in the Bay of Bengal, this palm-lined archipelago has close to 300 islands and is known for its coral reef-supporting marine life.Getting aroundThe main islands are well-connected by roads. You can rent a car along with a driver to travel within the island for about ₹500 per 30km. Hiring a motorbike from Port Blair is also an option and costs around ₹300 to ₹400 for the entire day. If you wish to visit other islands, you're just a ferry ride away. Most Andamanese islands are accessible by boats and ferries. But make sure you have on your person, a photo ID, permit (which will be issued to you upon arrival to the Andaman) and ticket, before you get on that ferry.Here's a five day guide to things to see and places to visit, in this balmy utopia, embraced by crystalline turquoise waters, lapping gently against its shores.What to see and do

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Best time to visit South Andaman is from December to March

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