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So far the mighty hills of Arunachal Pradesh were eluding us....

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Being one of the least dense areas in Arunachal Pradesh, it offers you everything from greener canvases to bluer skies....

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Sela Pass

Finally to the adrenaline part of this trip. The sela pass is teh second highest motorable pass in the world. Time for some adventure travel. Situated on an altitude of 14000 ft, this drive is scary and gorgeous. Sela pass is a great way to enter Tawang to Guwahati. In fact, this is the only road that connects Tawang to the rest of the country. The pass takes you through lakes, monasteries, mountains, valleys, meadows and all there is to the Himalayas. It is literally a ride through the Himalayan beauties. Some consider the road a bit scary to drive on but, I couldn't et enough of the view to divert my attention anywhere else.
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Bum La Pass

Its a China border from where you see the Chinese highway and the peaks. Go for the drive if not for anything else.
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About Arunachal Pradesh

Another famous music festival after Ziro music festival is Orange Festival which has managed to make Dambuk a globally recognized place which was otherwise a faraway secluded tiny but beautiful place in Arunachal Pradesh. Dambuk is a beautiful place which boasts of amazing Orange Orchards. Hence, keeping in mind the popularity of the Oranges of this place, the branding of this festival is done very cleverly which has turned to be quiet helpful in popularizing the festival. It is only 3 year old festival with increasing popularity with each passing year. Recently concluded fest was graced by famous international artist, Yngwie Malsteen along with various famous national and regional bands. Orange festival Dambuk is a four days adventure ride with massive lineup of bands, art and sports.I know you are already tempted to pack your bags and run to this amazing place right now. You can keep checking for the recent updates in the internet to know the exact time and details in order to plan your visit. I am sure that is going to be one of your most memorable trips ever.

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Best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh is from March to June and October
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