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Day 723rd July 2019Venice Boating- Venice Tour- Bridge of Sighs- Drive to BolognaFood: Breakfast from Alpenkonig Tirol and Check-Out, Lunch from Officina Del Gusto restaurant in Venice , Dinner from Ramada Hotel.Stay: Ramada Hotel, BolognaWe started from Austria at 7.35am in the morning.Stopped at 11.15 for a break. Since we entering Italy and Italy is famous for Food, I wanted to try Pizza. I had an Italian Margerita pizza, but I felt its more tasty in Dubai than in Italy. I felt something was missing. However I was able to supress my hunger. Again we Started journey to Venice at 12.Straight away, we went for having local lunch from Officina Del Gusto resturant..they got Rice Mix with Seafood..Since im an Eggitarian, i didnt eat it. Then they brought lettuce leaves abd chicken breast..that also i couldnt eat..Howver i tried to have some lettuce leaves and bread and water. I thanked myself for having the Margeritz Pizza earlier, otherwise i would have fainted. Also it was hot in Venice. We continued our journey to Venice. Theres one bridge called Liberty Bridge thats the only bridge connecting venice to land. By crossing this bridge we will go to the main trunch or boat jetty..This is the single island that connect venice island with the road. From there we have to take boat taxi or Vaporetto.Theres no bus or car or taxi in venice. All travel is by boats. Venice is called the Queen of Adriatic sea, City of Water, City of Masks, City of Bridges, The Floating City, and City of Canals. Masks festival in venice is was banned because prostitution, snuggling, drugs mafia were happening behind this mask festival, since we were not able to recognize ppl..Thus masks festival got banned. Venice is known by the name venezea..If we go more deep inside the venice, theres no police..all will be mafia..hence we were instructed not to walk too deep inside the city..we walked through the main areas only. As mentioned earlier, we reach boat jetty. There we get inside vapouratoo and it was a 20mins boat drive to the main island where the St Marks Square , Doges palace were there. Venice has 118 islands and they are connected by 400 bridges. Its been said that venice is currently drowning and will not in the map after 20 years. I could see some similarities similarities to boat jetty ride in marine drive. We could see some slanting buildings which were drowning..even though the temperature was 30plus, due to the cool breeze from the sea, it felt nice..i really wanted to ride gondola boating..its a 30mins drive through inners of venice..but due to time constraints we couldnt do..

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Best time to visit Venice is from March to June

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