To the land drowned in heritage.

30th Mar 2018
Day 1

Cambodia i would say should definitely be added into your bucket list . The country is so humble all by itself that when you step right outside the airport , you slowly fall in love with place as well as the people .

The airport isn't all like the international airports that one steps right into but it has a special harmony of its own. When you step right out of the airport you will be welcomed out by a gang of very cheerful guides and cab drivers who would be very much delighted to take you to the hotel you are staying at.

The ideal holiday in Siem reap would be for a maximum of 5 days. They take in US dollars hence there is no necessity to convert your money into the Cambodian rupees.

When in Siem Reap , the must see places would be


1. the sunrise at Angor wat

2. Angor Thom

3. Bayon Temple

4. floating village


1. Pub street

2. Apsara dance show