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16th Dec 2018
Photo of North Sikkim trip planner - Himalayan Escapades by Vikash Kumar

This North Sikkim trip planner aims to help you design your trip so you don't miss anything.

Sikkim is one of the most beautiful year round destinations in India. From snowfalls, waterfalls, beautiful roads, highest Indian mountain Kanchenjunga, this place has it all. As a photographer or videographer, it will be a delightful trip.

So let's help you plan a trip around this small state of India.

How to get there:

There are two prominent ways to reach Sikkim. One is to take a flight for Bagdogra airport.

Another is two take a flight to Kolkata and the train to New Jalpaiguri station.

Both the airport and the train station are about the same distance from Gangtok(capital city of Sikkim), so it costs the same.

So now you can take a shared taxi(Rs.150-250) or a booked taxi (Rs. 2000-2500) to Gangtok.

How to get around:

If you have a pre planned trip via any travel agency, they will arrange the transportation.

If not, then some leg work is required. But most of the hotels offer those services so you don't have to worry too much. The rates are government approved so genuineness isn't an issue.

Places to visit:

Baba Mandir/ Tsomgo lake/ Nathula pass:

Start early around 7 in the morning from your hotel in Gangtok. All the above 3 places are on the same route and take around 3 hrs to reach.

Tsomgo lake is beautiful lake around 3 kms in size . Baba Mandir is in remembrance of a very brave soldier Harbhajan Singh who died fighting for India. Nathula pass lies very close to China border. You can also check out Silk route, an ancient trade route between India and China.

All this can be done in a day and return back to your hotel in Gangtok.

Always carry your id proof with you.

Gurudongmar Lake:

Its one of highest altitude lakes in India with very less oxygen content in the air. Lake remains frozen in winter months. So preferred time of visit will be April to early November.

You need to take a taxi from Gangtok to Lachen(135kms). The journey is around 6 hrs. Along the way you will find many beautiful places and flowers along the way.

Overnight stay at a hotel and start early morning for the lake.

Carry your high altitude medicine if you need.

From there you can go to Katao, Kala patthar, Chopta Valley and then move on the next main location Lachung. Yumthang Valley and zero point:

From the beautiful hamlet of Lachung, after an overnight stay begins the journey to the beautiful Yumthang Valley(28 kms). Best time to visit is during the non winter months.

Zero point is further ahead and is only allowed to Indian nationals because of its proximity to China border.

From there on you can move back to Gangtok the same day and plan your return to hometown.

From my personal experience, I can tell you to not visit these places during winters because in case it snows, the roads get blocked and very dangerous to drive on.

Note: Plastic bottles are banned in Lachen and Lachung. Make sure you don't even have it imside your bags else if found, you stand a chance to attract heavy penalties.

One of the dependable holiday experts that I came across is Kiomoi. Do check out their quote for estimating your travel expenses. I found them quite reasonable.

So,let me know if this helps and also if you have more questions.

If you need local contact details, please drop me a message or connect with me on social media.

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Happy travelling.