Bolivia Like You've Never Seen Before!


I've been on the road for the past 3 years and covered around 38 countries.

Next up is an epic motorcycling adventure across South America for the next 2 years!

Here are some pictures from my journey:

Standing here and enjoying the vastness of the universe. Life is beautiful from this side of the world.

"That tiny little figment of imagination" that's how I feel when I see this picture.

Death road has been on my bucket list for a very long time now and I finally got to do it on a bright sunny day.

Maybe my expectation was too high I was slightly disappointed as I have done tougher roads in South America or even in India for that matter. .

But 5kms into the dirt trail my front tyre got flat and my front brakes stopped working.

What followed was an absolute 100 odd Kms of riding down hill with no brakes and a flat tyre which I have to pump air every few Kms which made death road even more challenging and extremely fun. .

Obviously there was no mechanic in the entire stretch so wasn't able to fix anything per say.

Over all it was one absolutely insanely mad mad day that was.

I was sitting this morning and waiting for the sun to come up but fortunately or unfortunately there was a lot of clouds and I couldn't see the sunrise but I was completely lost in my thoughts this morning wondering how quickly things have happened for me over the years.

Three and a half years of travel is something I can't even imagine in my wildest of dreams and here I am sitting in Peru again with 100 more days in my hand to wander around this magnificent mystical country.

I have been talking a lot about gratitude and passing it on to others off late and words usually doesn't do justice to a journey like this.

Often people take inspiration from me and kinda look upto me and even want to become me.

While growing up I never knew what I'll become ! 5 years ago if you'd have asked me what will I be doing in 5 years from then I would have said every possible answer expect for what I am doing now.

I don't know if I am doing things right or wrong and to be very frank I have gone beyond the point of right and wrong, good and bad but I know one thing for sure and that is I am doing things my way.

I know these numbers doesn't matter, the likes, the followers and all these are just an illusion and it doesn't really add to anything!

I know there will come a day where all this social media will disappear from my life or I will move away from it and still continue travelling without telling the world about it and that day isn't very far away but for now I am enjoying this space and I'm full throttle on what I am doing. As they say I am at the peak of my personal and professional journey!

For now there is no stopping !

The unconditional love I get is just beyond words and I'll forever be grateful and strive to make all those who believed in me smile. I have been given so much in life in short span of time I feel obliged to give back as much as I have got. :)

Keep watching this space for more updates.