All Girls Trip to Sri Lanka!

31st Dec 2017

After discussing and trying to plan our first "International trip together" for almost 1 year... Ahhh, may be more than that, me and my two other friends decided to visit Sri Lanka. And we decided to bring in the new year's there.

We took an early morning flight on 31st December'17 to Colombo and landed there by 9 am in the Morning. Since we had pre-booked our itinerary for travel in Lanka with a travel agency, our smiling and amiable guide Pramod aka "Anna" was there to welcome us at the airport. Our tiredness and sleep almost vanished once we sat in the car and started enjoying the views of Beautiful capital of Lanka, Colombo.

Photo of All Girls Trip to Sri Lanka! 1/2 by Ashmita Sharma
Sri lankan Flag outside the Parliament, Colombo

Colombo was a gateway for us in Sri lanka as we didnt have time to spend in the capital and headed straight to the hotel. We stayed at A 5-star property on Wadduwa Beach, Oak Ray Haridra Beach Resort near to the famous Bentota Beach. In the evening we had Gala Dinner party at the hotel, where there was a local band who was singing the local songs which were funny to us but we tried to dance their tunes and happily enjoyed and entered into 2018.

Photo of All Girls Trip to Sri Lanka! 2/2 by Ashmita Sharma
May every New year Morning have a view like this -Clicked at our Hotel in Wadduwa Beach
Day 2

It was 1st January 2018 and we three were ready and excited to visit and explore the city of Bentota. Bentota is a famous and beautiful beach in the south western belt of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a lot of conversation projects where one can visit and infact volunteer in the protection of the most endangered marine species, the Turtles.

A Rare White Turtle in a Hatchery , Bentota

Photo of Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka by Ashmita Sharma

These projects are made along the southern coast of Lanka where the turtles come as hop to lay their eggs. The turtle digs a hole on the Beach, lays hers eggs and covers it with sand where it is supposing, incubate by the heat of the sun.

Photo of Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka by Ashmita Sharma
Day 3

After a scrumptious breakfast, we started for our next destination, Galle. Galle has a World Heritage Site to its name and that is predominantly responsible for its popularity with tourists. With a unique touch of Dutch, Galle has a unique and historic touch to it.

Photo of Galle, Sri Lanka by Ashmita Sharma

Often overlooked, India’s neighbour to the south – Sri Lanka, is a teardrop-shaped island that is thriving with nature and is an amazing holiday destination for people across the globe. The amazing and pristine experiences the country provides, should not to be missed.

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