Trip to Pollachi

22nd Apr 2017

Nature is calling to explore Pollachi- hotspots with Proximove!!

Photo of Trip to Pollachi 1/4 by Siddhaarth Natarajan

India being amalgamation of so many vibrant cultures, being culturally rich in its tradition, Coimbatore is an ideal paradise of natural & traditional ethos..The most unique and splendorous feature of Pollachi is its Richness. Despite the modernization, southern part of Coimbatore is still known as the Land of “ Natural wealth and Prosperity”.Unlike most of the towns in Tamil nadu, Pollachi is known for its Rich and cultural heritage to discover the natural scenic beauty. People around Pollachi is so blessed and experiences a pleasant climate and it hails from close proximity to the western ghats and receives both southwest and northeast monsoon rains, the enchanting hot spots of Pollachi calls for the nature lovers, travellers from all across India.

Pollachi- The Land of Nature’s Paradise

Pollachi is the spotlight for wide range of tourism like Spiritual tourism, Adventure tourism, Eco tourism, Wildlife tourism and altogether it is hot spot for scenic beauty in its own way with the presence of greenery everywhere. It would be perfect vacation spot for families and travel freaks. Well! It is also home to numerous other species of birds that is nearing to extinction.

The Richness of the Land has to be experienced. So come and experience every molecule of it.Nature’s paradise is awaiting you :)

Tourism not only gives the travellers the spirit of the exploring but it helps to support livelihoods, communities around and conserve the natural & cultural heritage of the region in specific. Your coimbatore travel itinerary will be incomplete without visiting Pollachi! Here’s a list of most popular attractions that you shouldn’t miss out!

Explore the Unexplored - Pollachi and Anamalais

Experience Trekking

Trek along the pathways of western ghats & indulge in Richness of Bio diversities on the go to trek along the scenic beauty of many endemic species. A thriller trek on the roads of thick, dense tropical evergreen forest is the best opportunity to explore the beauty of nature.

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Experience Bird watching

It is the great place to look for the birds,it is the real visual treat to our eyes seeing the flock of migrant birds flying with vibrant colours. Indeed, Anamalai is one of the main stronghold of great migrant species in the world. It’s an added bliss , with the serene beauty of Anamalai with the pop of birds all over in the backdrop will be the visual treat for the nature lovers and Bird watchers.

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Yes! It is a Paradise for Bird watching.. :)

Experience the Handloom village Tour

The serenity and the splendour of the village here is unmatched! And every holiday season we are excited to discover new places and embark upon new interesting things on the go. Pollachi is the hub of skillful artisans who are expertise in the art of weaving sarees since ages!

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Experience the Native martial arts

Nevertheless! Pollachi is known for its Native martial arts since ages. Come to witness the native martial art forms from its surrounding villages.

What not!?

Experience the thrill ride in the midst of flora and fauna!

If you want to experience the Richness of flora and fauna, it’s again Pollachi you need to add to your travel wishlist. We all Love walking along the lush green forests with the splash of clean water. You need not be 21 or so to revel in the nature !that anyone as young as 6 years to 61 will fall fall for it..

Discover the wildlife adventures !

The parambikulam tiger reserve is home to a large number of Endemic and Endangered species. And it is been well covered by forest on all sides, a walk through which really drives a sense of thrill, and don’t miss the nature’s call! It would be an awe- striking experience!

The year 2016 was not the year of long weekends, but 2017 has been kind enough to shower us with numerous pretty Long weekends to fulfill our travel goals and weekend getaways with your lovable ones.

It is best to reach Coimbatore by flight or train and hire a vehicle from there to visit Pollachi, Anamalai and topslip. You can visit to hire any vehicle you need, they have a huge fleet ranging from cars to buses at affordable rates.

Happy Travelling!!!!