Buy Your Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Tickets 2022

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Schlitterbahn New Braunfels is our favourite water park. I like the fact I will lade a cooler with lunch, snacks and drinks and park it at a table all day. My youngsters love that it's immense and has over fifty rides and attractions. Browse why Schlitterbahn is the one water park within the United States of America.

Schlitterbahn doubles the Water Park Fun

Schlitterbahn New Braunfels is like two water parks with a free tram connecting them. Therefore you'll explore each park someday. However, I recommend outlay The park is seventy acres and includes fifty-five rides and attractions. It offers season passes for spring to fall waterpark fun too.

The original section of the park uses the water from the comate watercourse in an exceedingly series of chutes and slides. Century-old cypress trees shade the garden, and tubers use ancient black inner tubes to ride the rapids.

The newer section of the park includes the Blastenhoff, Tubenbach and Surfenburg areas. This space uses ancient chlorinated water and is sunnier than the park's first section. You'll realize lined picnic areas; however, pack the sun blocker. And a swim shirt is practical within the summer.

Here square measure the rides you'll realize once visiting Schlitterbahn New Braunfels and the way to form the foremost out of your visit Schlitterbahn ticket prices 2022.

Photo of Buy Your Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Tickets 2022 by Sagor NiL

Uphill Water Coasters

Grab a tube and burst off for thrills. The force of the water shoots riders up inclines and around pin curves for max fun.

Schlitterbahn New Braunfels offers a combination of uphill water coasters, Master workman Uphill Water Coaster, and the park's original, Dragon's Revenge.

Master workman Uphill Water Coaster

Climb the Blastenhoff Tower six stories up and grab a double tube float. Begin with a three-story fall and blast up once more to twist and switch over 1000 feet to the pool at very cheap. A favourite park Associate in Nursing and triumph water coaster. Situated within the Blastenhoff Section. Use the Blast Pass for no-wait access.

Dragon's Revenge

The 1st edition uphill water coaster combines fierce uphills alongside blasts from a dragon and special lighting effects. Situated in Surfenburg, use the Blast Pass for no-wait access.

River Rides

It looks like each family-friendly building in Lone-Star State includes a lazy watercourse. therefore Schlitterbahn New Braunfels reinvented the thought. There square measure three rivers to explore. Here square measures the details:

Krystal River

Take the Backsplash and body surf into the watercourse for a splashy entrance. It's a channel of swift-moving run-offs from the boogie-woogie Bahn. However, lookout, the Krystal watercourse is plagued with friendly foam alligators. Wrestle one and get on its back to float through Surfenburg. Realize the Krystal watercourse wrapping around Surfenburg in an exceedingly continuous loop.

Torrent River

Take a activate a tidewater stream with ocean-inspired swells that roll through each minute. It adds a crazy quantity of fun because the waves chase down tubers and tip them out of their tubes. Yes, I do know from expertise. A wave of screams Associate in Nursingd squeals warns all of an approaching wave. You enter at the zero-entry wave pool. That's fun too. Wrapping around the Blastenhoff Tower of water slides, the Torrent watercourse options a beach with loungers.

The fall

Who desires to steer once you float between Sclitterbahn's Surfenburg and Blastenhoff areas? Grab a tube and ride the rapids on the world's longest water park ride. Then ride the AquaVeyor, a conveyor that takes tubers uphill to form The Falls's never-ending loop.

Photo of Buy Your Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Tickets 2022 by Sagor NiL

Water Slides

Don't forget the water slides and chutes. Schlitterbahn offers seven water slides.

The Original Section Water Slides

• Banzai Pipeline

• Der Bahn Speed Slides

• Double Loop Body Slides

• Downhill Racer

• Soda Straw Body Slide

Blastenhoff Section Water Slides

• Black Knight

• Wolf Pack

BYOC Bring Your Cooler

For families, feeding youngsters are often a hefty Schlitterbahn ticket prices. Schlitterbahn permits you to usher in your cooler and options 700 picnic tables across its grounds. (Note: liquor isn't allowed within the coolers).

Schlitterbahn additionally offers many food and drink locations across the park. For convenience, Schlitterbahn provides an Associate in nursing all day eating package. Friendly, if you don't wish to haul a MasterCard or money around with you all day.