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night Market at Arpora. At night... to Arpora Night Market...

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to reach Arpora... Arpora. The Konkani people...

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The Saturday Night Market

"Happening" !!! to say the least. Saturday night market near Anjuna is one of its kind. It's huge, it's bright and colorful, it's full with people from all across the globe. Must see. You get all sorts of fare, plus there are live bands playing, plus there is alcohol, plus world food ! This place is a carnival in itself. There's free parking. Go with a lot of time in starts at around 8 pm and goes uptill early morning. You should know how to haggle, incase you decide to buy.
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About Arpora

Later in the night, we went to Arpora Night Market. This was an amazing experience with tons of food, booze, happy people and loads of stuff. The shops are managed by Russian and Spanish, Portugese expats and they never let you bargain. Prices are steep, but it’s okay to splurge. You get everything from furniture to food and while the authenticity of the goods cannot be vouched for, they make good souvenirs. Don’t forget to check Goa’s artist Mario’s shop.On Sunday, we went to a nearby place called 6-Pack, they have open-mic on Fridays I think. It’s a nice little place with lovely food. I tried Beef Naan and it soon became a hot favourite. One really interesting thing about Goan restaurants is you can always find a book shelf with eclectic collection of books. Another obviously good thing is there are always parties happening, and you get invited to a whole bunch of stuff. It is good to attend private parties with trusted friends, unless you know many people.There are several shops on Anjuna-Mapusa road where you can get cheap bikinis, Harlem pants, other beach wear and all the stuff from the Anjuna Flea Market.


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