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We stumbled upon this amazing concept and community of Auroville. Considering the complexity of humanity and adding a spiritual foundation, the international community of Auroville was envisioned by spiritual guru Sri Aurobindo and Mother. It was born out of the idea that all communities should be allowed to live in harmony. Over 2000 'citizens' -1200 from Tamil Nadu and 800 representing 40 other countries- live side by side in 90 different communities - each emphasizing different arts, crafts, renewable energy, healing or cottage industries. In the center of this resurrected desert community, surrounded by millions of trees forming the 'green belt' lies the Matrimandir - "the soul of Auroville". This 10 storey high golden sphere houses a spiritual treasure, a silent inner chamber built out of white marble with 12 pillars spaced around the circular room (very Free Masonic). The floor is covered with white carpeting and pillows and the lights dimmed. Sunlight from above shines a beam through the darkness down into the world's largest glass crystal ball, at the center 50 feet below.
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Tanto Pizzeria

God bless these Pizzas !!! We ordered Californian and Indian Pizzas. They were such a treat. I loved this place and the food that soothes the soul. Pastas were great too. This is on the way to Auroville and a must visit for all Pizza lovers
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Food in Auroville- You will find restaurants with an great mix of cuisine in & around Auroville rural areas. Italian, French, South & North Indian food are widely available made from organic produce

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Best time to visit Auroville is from October to March


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