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It is an 85 ft tall statue of Lord Shiva, it is made of cement and metal, and it is the third biggest statue of Lord Shiva in the world and is located in Bijapur.
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Gagan Mahal

It is a palace built by Ali Adil Shah in 1561, the ground floor comprised of the durbar hall and the first floor was built as a private residence of the royal family.
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About Bijapur

This is one of the largest districts of Karnataka and has a number of tourist attractions especially those of the Islamic Genre. This place was captured by the Sultanate king alauddin Khilji towards the end of the 13th century and he this a part of his empire. During his reign he had built a number of buildings and monuments here to be followed by the bahmani Empire. However, most of the credit for the attractions and wherever the city stands today goes to Emperor Adil Shahi who had done a lot to revive and renovate this town. The chalukyan Temples are also famous here and have their signature architecture and art styles on them with rich and intricate carvings. Bijapur is at times also referred to as a pilgrim town as this is the birthplace of Lord Basaveshwara and thus there is also the Kudala Sangama temple around. This temple is an extremely popular one and the main festival celebrated here is the Shivratri.


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