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Narayan Niwas castle is located at Mehansar, Churu district of Rajasthan, a 4-hour train ride from Delhi....

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The pictures of the on the top is of the entrance gate of the temple where entry is prohibited and below, the picture describes the local artifacts of Kullu region during the time when Naggar was capital of Kullu When you visit Naggar castle Kullu you can also visit Nicholas Roerich art gallery which is few kilometers from Naggar Beautiful temple located inside the castle is excellent example of architecture Picture portraying the splendid balcony of the castle from where one can capture the picturesque beauty of Kullu valley Central part of the Heritage castle which is also the restaurant where one can have the taste of local cuisine....

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Railway Station Road, Castlerock, Karnataka 581121, India
Presently known as the Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve, this is a small village in the Uttar Kannada District of Karnataka. This village is exactly on the Western Ghats and shares boundaries with Goa which was till 1961, a Portuguese Colony. This is an old village which is a good example of the British- Indian colonies and the Portuguese- Goan Colonies. The Dudhsagar Falls is a major attraction here and the lush green forests of deciduous trees. This was once also a manganese mining destination but mining is now banned here. The very old railway station here is also a very famous one out here with an old castle style tunnel. The Railway station is known as the Castle Rock Railway Station.
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This is the capital of the state of Goa and is probably the smallest state capital. Panaji is also the headquarters of the North Goa District and is situated on the banks of the Mandovi River Estuary is the Tiswada Region. The more popular name is Panaji but Panjim is also a commonly used term. This was the name by which the Portuguese used to address this city. When the whole of India got independence, Goa was still under the colonial rule of the Portuguese who freed it a number of years later. The Portuguese effect is what you will get in each and every thing of Goa and Panjim too. The attractions here are the lovely white church, the food that you will get here and of course the different types of building lined on the sides of the narrow streets. These houses are the remains of the various clans who have ruled here including the Latins and the Portuguese. The houses look beautiful and brightly coloured and many of them have simple yet pretty wrought iron balconies too. Many of these are now either resorts for budget concious travellers or restaurants for the ones who love to taste Portuguese and Goan cuisine.

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The route, to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, starts from Castle Rock station. Once you alight at the station, the trek is nearly 14 Kms along the railway tracks until Dudhsagar station. Since mid-July 2015, the Indian Railways has strictly prohibited walking along the railway tracks due to an incident of unruly crowd resorting to stone pelting, climbing on the Train Engine and endangering the safety of other passengers on the train at Dudhsagar Railway station. We were among the first groups arriving for the Dudhsagar trek, after the restrictions imposed by the Railways. Hence we were not quite sure what to expect when we reached Castle Rock.

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Best time to visit Castle Rock is from June to March
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