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Every once in a while, one thinks of travelling the world and when you are having an affair with Europe, you cannot get away from the charms of Scandinavia.10 days through the kingdoms of Norway, Sweden and Denmark is equivalent to peeping at galaxy from a distance....

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Kronborg Castle

Day 2 - I hopped onto a train at Hillerød Station to get to Helsingør. The train ride was about half an hour. I enjoyed the scenic view along the way to Helsingør very much. Kronborg Castle is in the list of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. This 16th-century castle was built by the Danish King, Eric of Pomerania. It was located at an elevation of 12m, on a small foreland jutting out into the narrowest point of the Øresund, which is the sound between Danish island of Zealand and the Swedish province of Scania. Not forgetting to mention, Kronborg Castle is immortalized as Elsinore in the famous tragedy play of William Shakespeare called Hamlet. Taking a stroll along the Helsingør harbour and its town centre on a chillax Saturday is just perfect! There are souvenir shops in the town centre and if you are a postcard collector like me, it is convenient to purchase postcards here because some of the shops do sell stamps too. There are so many restaurants and cafes to pick for lunch and the atmosphere of the town is pretty laid-back, which make it a good choice for a weekend getaway.
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Little Mermaid

Walking across a few busy streets from the Central Train Station (after a short break at the Hard Rock Cafe, that resides beside the famous and lovely theme park - Tivoli), a short walk takes you to the nearby Canal, dug across the city, to let the sea water come in. Something that is must - a boat ride in the canal, that takes you across the various landmark locations in the city - like Christiansborg Palace (the seat of Folketing, the Danish parliament), Danish Royal Theater and Tycho Brahe Planetarium, and then out into the open sea. A cool Danish guide, who was with us, filled up with historical bits - the three dragons of Scandinavia... standing for the larger Denmark of Denmark, Sweden and Norway (no, Finland is not Scandinavia!), the whims of an emperor who wanted his own ' Venice' and had the canals dug up and the myths of Little Mermaid, immortalized by Hans Christian Anderson, the favorite son of the city. The little trip took us across the old Port and Red Light district of the city... Nyhavn!
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