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About Ishikawa

Ishikawa, located along the Sea of Japan's coast, consists of the narrow Noto Peninsula to the north and a mountainous region to the south. Whether it's a leisurely drive along the rural coastline of Noto or immersing oneself in the rich culture of the ancient castle town (and Ishikawa's largest tourist attraction) of Kanazawa, which features a diverse sampling of Ishikawa's history, from the traditional samurai district to the historical Kenrokuen Gardens, Ishikawa is a beautiful microcosm of Japanese culture. Kenrokuen Garden, or Garden of the Six Sublimities is regarded as one of the "three most beautiful gardens in Japan." Located in the heart of Kanazawa, an ancient castle town, Kenrokuen features an incredible landscape of feudal era designs and trees dating back to the Edo period. Every season brings its own beauty to this unique garden, but the cherry blossoms here are superb.

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