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You can easily do a day trip to Kemi for this cruise or stay overnight in Kemi and visit the Snow Castle the following day....

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We were in Kemi to break some ice....

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Weekend Getaways from Kemi  

9) Skinny Ice DippingThe perfect answer to this question everyone asks "What's the craziest thing you've ever done?"Step 1: Sit in the traditional Sauna for a good 15 mins in a swim suit and get yourself warmed up.Step 2: Step out, walk 100 meters at -12° celsius in knee deep snow on the frozen lake, jump into the small hole drilled into the lake.Step 3: Climb back on to the snow and RUN to the sauna.One of the best experiences we’ve ever had!

About Kemi

1) The Ice Breaker CruiseKemi is a small town situated on the banks of ‘The Gulf of Bothania’. During winters, this part of the Baltic sea gets frozen due to the minimal salt content in the sea. We were in Kemi to break some ice. The Sampo Ice-Breaker Cruise is a 4 hour cruise through the frozen Baltic Sea. During the cruise, we were given a complete tour of the ship, served brunch and experienced the vastness of the frozen Baltic sea! And guess what! We were even given diploma certificates upon completion of the Ice-Breaker Cruise.

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