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eats both in Rome and Venice... to begin from Rome to Venice...As I set foot in Rome... along further into the lanes of Rome...

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->Brussels->Berlin->Venice...->Florence->Rome->Amsterdam...) ,Walking tours(Venice)online... your luggage and rome...

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Murano is a series of islands linked by bridges in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy. It lies about 1.5 kilometres north of Venice and measures about 1.5 km across with a population of just over 5,000.
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Burano is famous for its vivid Primarily colors painted on houses and handmade lace. Houses painted in the past in different colors in order to be able that distinguish them from each other and, According To legends, also because by fishermen returning home from fishing to be able to use them without a problem of trafić.Malowaniem usually dealt with his wife, often adorning the door further geometric motifs (unless you were just busy knitting lace). Residents of Burano are extremely friendly - no doubt it some extent because they were always only rely on themselves and to a lesser extent today live from tourism than the islanders from other parts of the lagoon. For the sake of the local specifics also regularly deny requests for permission is build on Burano hotels. In the maze of local streets, you can find a nice little yard. Colorful houses, flowered balconies and courtyards, all this makes you lose contact with reality at times and time. The town seems like a fairy tale. Authentic lace from Burano Needle cost a fortune - you have to remember, however, that the the women, each of Which Specializes in a different type of stitch, the execution of a single tablecloth takes up to three years. Growing trees here is the pin. Pine with his broad, umbrella-crown regarded as characteristic tree of the Mediterranean countries and Creates a picturesque groves, shaping the landscape. Since antiquity, was also planted along the streets for Their shading. In contrast is the other species of pine trees, pine trees are not very sensitive to wind. Steady wind from one direction deforms the crown, Causing it to draw one-sided. Time on the island extremely quickly passes. It is not known when the sun sets behind the horizon. Therefore It remains only to return to Venice.
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Venice 3 days Youth Hostel: Ostello Santa Fosca A ten-minute walk from the train station, moderately priced and well located; Santa Fosca checks all the boxes. Hotel San Maurizio It is a budget hotel located in a historical building close to restaurants, gelaterias and a ten-minute walk from St. Marks square. The friendly and English speaking staff at the hotel is an added advantage.

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Best time to visit Venice is from March to June


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