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Mysore Express was late.....?? Apna Mysore ka jat ahot... of our advancing journey to Mysore... we were in Mysore. Yes! Finally...

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Bangalore-Mysore ride... – Mysore Ride (Saturday... about my Mysore riding plans. “Mysore... (Kenda’s knobby tyres to Mysore...

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Mysore Palace

The Mysore Palace or The Amba Villas Palace, is the biggest Palace in Mysore, still inhibited by the descendants of the Wodeyar family. The Mysore palace flaunts a enviable architecture that is a strange, yet glorious mix of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic Styles. Built in the 14th Century it was demolished and rebuilt in 1840 with the help of a British Architect. This huge palace has a museum in it with various glorious artifacts of the royals on display.
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Mysore Zoo DZ

The zoo is a destination in the city much anticipated by the tourists . It is large zoo with ever stretching boundaries you feel when you get inside it. The zoo provides the animals something that stand next their natural habitat by replicating the greenery you will see in any other place like a forest. As I said before its really large zoo so it takes nothing less than 2 hours to see all that is here. If you find yourself tired enough , take the buggy service provided that will take you a round through the zoo. But exploring zoo on your foot is the best experience you can have. We got to see he only gorilla present in the zoo and not only the zoo but in the whole county there. There is animal adoption system by which you can adopt an animal and take care of all its expenses like many well known people in the country. You get to see all kinds of animals , birds, reptiles over here. Had a nice time in realizing and accepting we alone are not the owners of this planet.
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About Mysore

The distance from Ooty to Mysore is 130 kms and the road from Ooty to Mysore passes through Madhumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and Bandipur Tiger Reserve. The road is really awesome and full of thrill as it passes through dense forests and there are many animals crossing points also. Because we had enough time thus we decided to take a safari in the dense forest of Madhumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Madhumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Tamil Nadu while Bandipur Tiger Reserve is situated in Karnataka. Bandipur Tiger Reserve is also a good place for wildlife lovers. After that we continued our journey by heading towards Mysore and in the evening we reached Mysore. Tariff's for Hotel: Starting from ₹1000/- per room (Non AC) Starting from ₹1500/- per room (AC) Mysore is one of the most popular tourist destination in Karnataka. It is also known as "Palace City" of India. There we visited Mysore Palace, Lalitha Mahal Palace and Chamundi Hills. Mysore Palace is one of the best palaces in India. The Palace shows us the lifestyle of our kings that how they lived such a royal life. It is a must visit palace. Lalitha Mahal is also a royal palace with a good architecture. After visiting Chamundi Hills, we left Mysore and then started our journey towards Chennai. The distance from Mysore to Chennai is 480 kms. After a smooth drive of 8 hrs we reached Chennai in the late night.

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Best time to visit Mysore is from September to April


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