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Going Off The Beaten Track : The Japanese Alps

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Sumedha Bharpilania
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Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine route: Japan's most spectacular hike!

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Japan via Bombay...

Japan is amazing. It is expensive but definitely possible with proper planning and execution. 

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Japan Alps: The Snow-Corridor

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mainak biswas

1825 Sakaki, Hanishina-gun, Sakaki-machi 389-0601
Chikuma River Highway Museum
609-2 Ojima, Kamitakai-gun, Obuse-machi 381-0203
Tsugaike Highland Ski Resort
Kitaazumi-gun, Otari-mura 399-9422
Tsuga no Mori
496-1 Tsugaike, Kitaazumi-gun, Otari-mura 399-9422
Kitaazumi-gun, Otari-mura
Maki Village
Maki, Kitaazumi-gun, Otari-mura

Activate JR Rail pass- Day 68:30am: Head west to Arashiyama by taxi, train or bus.9:00am: Enter Tenryu-ji Temple and explore the temple.10:00am: Leave Tenryu-ji Temple by the north gate, which will bring you into the famed Bamboo Forest. Explore the Bamboo Forest for about half an hour.10:30am: Leave the Bamboo Forest and enter Okochi-Sanso Villa.11:30am: Leave Okochi-Sanso Villa and return to central Arashiyama. Eat a simple lunch of noodles or rice in one of the shokudo (simple eateries) on the main strip.12:30pm: Take a taxi over to Kinkaku-ji Temple, the famed “Golden Pavilion” in Northwest Kyoto.1:00pm: Explore Kinkaku-ji Temple. Yes, it will be crowded at this time, but it almost always is.2:00pm: Take a taxi down to Daitoku-ji Temple and enjoy the peace and quiet of a small subtemple there. Consider Koto-in Temple
Time required: 1 Hour (8 PM-9PM)Line: Oedo line - Tochomae Station to Aoyama-itchome Station; Hanzoman Line- Aoyama-itchome Station to Shibuya stationEvery few minutes a wave of humanity flows across Shibuya Crossing. Join the masses or stand back and watch. An ideal vantage point is the bridge corridor linking Shibuya Station with the Shibuya Mark City complex.

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